Products at your Station

The products that back you up at your Station are key to your success.  You must have the products that will satisfy your sanitation and disinfectant requirements as well as those products you need to keep your equipment functioning in tip top shape.  I have used many types of products throughout my barbering life, but the next few items I will discuss are the products that I use everyday at the shop and those products that will keep you in line when it comes to sanitation and disinfection.

Barbicide is key in this industry.  You want to use a disinfectant that complies with OSHA’s blood borne pathogens standard, which this product most certainly does.  You want to provide clean and disinfected surfaces on all of your tools, for every single client that you have throughout the work day.

With this product you need to be very cautious as it could be harmful to your skin.  When handling this product you must wear gloves.  What you will do with this product is dilute it with water.  To be exact you will want to mix 2 ounces of Barbicide in 32 ounces of water.  This will give you a hospital grade disinfectant that can be used in the barbershop or salon settings.  This product is perfect when it comes to disinfecting the tools you use that include clipper blades, shears, razors, combs and brushes.  This is a product that you will need in order to satisfy any regulations and a clean and healthy environment at your station.  I will provide a video blog on how to do this in the future.  Be out on the look out for that one.


Hand-Sanitizer is also a must in this industry.  Anytime you touch something else other than your disinfected equipment and the client you must use a hand sanitizer.  It is a great precaution in order to stop any bacteria from spreading.  If you do not use gloves I definitely recommend using some type of hand santizer.  I have a few in the Sanitation section of the website, but this is the ones I have used and loved.

I make it a great habit to squirt some of this sanitizer into my hands right before I start the client consultation because I will more than likely be touching their hair and head to discuss what kind of haircut and procedure they are wanting to do that day.  Keep in mind to always use a little bit of the sanitizer when you notice that you touch an non sanitized or non disinfected area or tool while doing your haircuts.  A a great example would be, if someone came into the shop while you were cutting a client’s hair and greated you with a handshake.  To take great precaution, I would come right back to my station, squirt a little bit more of the hand sanitizer in my hand, rub it throughout my hands, and continue with my haircut.  It is a great way of letting your client and other clients know that you are practicing safe sanitation and disinfecting procedures.

Clorox Disinfectant Wipes serve a great purpose at your station.  After every client, I like to wipe down the barber chair.  The reason I do this is because on the head rest a client rests their head.  On the hand rest, their hands and arms lay there.  So I like to keep the whole chair nice and disinfected as much as possible.  The wipe dries pretty fast, therefore the time it took for you to wipe down your chair, and a few other things that I will discuss here shorty, is enough time before you call up your next client to the chair.

At the end of the day these wipes serve a great purpose as well.  As you tidy up your station i like to use these wipes on most of my surfaces as well as on clippers and products at my station.


Spray Disinfectants are used on a daily, hourly, and twice an hour throughout your time at your station.  I use the Oster Spray Disinfectant as well as the Andis Cool Care Plus 5 in 1 sprays.  I ordered these products and loved them.  After every client I use a brush to brush off excess hair from my shears, clippers, clipper combs and guards, and styling combs.  I then use these products to disinfect the surfaces of the tools stated above.

When you disinfect after every client, you ensure the safety of that client and yourself.  Barbering is 2nd in the list of bacteria next to Hospitals and Clinics, therefore as professional barbers and cosmetologists we must practice safe sanitation and disinfection procedures.  This part of our industry is the most important of all aspects of our industry.  If you fail to provide these procedures, you are not at all providing the safest work environment for your clients and is not tolerable.

These Products at your Station are key to your success.  The reason I emphasized Sanitation and Disinfection is because of the importance over everything when you begin in this industry.  You must know your station and the products you handle to the “T”.  Be on the lookout for more blog posts on other types of products that are used on a daily basis in the Barber Life.