New to the Barber Life?

Where to start?  How to start?  What products should I start with?  How do I get people to let me cut their hair?  If you ask yourself these questions as you aspire to become a barber, you are already a step ahead in the barber life.  You need to start by thinking about these sorts of questions in order to have some direction and a definite chief of aim or goal.  In the next few paragraphs I will answer these few questions according to how I came about the barber life.

Where to, How to, and What Products should I start with.  

When you begin your entry into the barber life, you must know what kind of goal you would like to achieve while barbering.  Set that goal, write it down and place it somewhere that you look at everyday.  You need to be aware of your goal every day.  When I started, my goal was as follows:  “I will learn how to cut my own hair before I try another person’s haircut.”  A simple goal, as mine was, got me started.  I soon began to save up some money in order to make my first purchase in order to achieve my goal.  Money was tight (since i was only 11 yrs old) I had to save for quite a bit, yet the barber life was at my doorstep.

My first purchase was a real basic hair clipper.  From what I can remember, it was maybe $30.  The clippers were something of this nature (Wahl Kit).  It was a real basic hair clipper but got me started.  If you have the means to upgrade and buy something with a little bit more quality, I would definitely recommend it.  This Clipper set has most of everything i needed to get started with my first haircuts (my own hair).

The kit includes a clipper, guards, oil, scissors and a comb and carrying kit  One of the great things about this set is that the clipper combs it uses are universal for the Wahl product line and can be used with their High End Clippers. We must start somewhere and this is where I began.  These clippers a the lower end of the great product line that Wahl carries (I will get into more depth with the High end Clippers on another post) but to get started for the price, there is no better deal.  I began to cut my own hair and lived and learned through the bald spots and uneven cuts for quite some time.

How Do I Get People to let me Cut their Hair

As I started to get closer and closer to my goal of not touching anyone’s hair until I learned how to cut my own, I began to look for individuals who would let me cut their hair.  Keep in mind when you cut your own hair, your skills and drawbacks are physically shown after you do your haircut and head out into the world (school, work, gym, etc…).  At the beginning people will laugh and criticize but this is all great advertisement, despite the bad or lack of skilled cuts you provide for yourself, because it will start letting people know that you are starting to cut hair.  Maybe not to good yet, but you know that with time you will get to perfection.

When searching for the right people to let you cut their hair, you must head straight for your family members.  These are the people that you may be able to rely on a little bit more than others.  If you don’t do a good job, they will understand and will keep your head up as you keep cutting their hair and other family or even friends hair.  They will have seen your improvement from when you first started cutting your own hair, and for some reason or not, will allow you to cut their hair.  Once you have that one family member in your chair or stool, as i started with, you will have to learn a bit more of skills but that, we will leave for another post.

Your goal has been achieved and now you feel a taste of success and will keep aspiring for bigger and better goals for yourself in the barbering world.  Family and close friends will be your first choice for learning how to cut other people’s hair, at no charge of course.  You get to this place and your barbering career has just began.  It will be full of trials and tribulations but it’ll be worth it throughout your journey in the Barbering World.