Precision Dog and Cat Safety Grooming Scissors

$11.99 (as of February 23, 2018, 6:23 pm)

A FAVORITE TOOL FOR FUR BABIES for maintaining a natural appearance between grooming appointments and removing seasonal matted hair and COL WEATHER COATS. Excellent groomers tool for keeping your pet from getting too shaggy as they can be trimmed in the comfort of your home. These shears will comfortably shape around face and tender areas as well as the overall coat.
SHARP BLADES WITH ROUNDED ENDS FOR SAFETY while offering precision trimming. We all know there is nothing more frustrating than a dull pair of scissors when you want a nice, clean cut. When you finally get your loved furry one to sit still, you want every snip to count! Problem Solved.
ECONOMICAL investment allows fewer visits to the groomer…or none at all as you may skip the drive and possible pet anxiety to simply care for your pet at home.

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