2 pcs Barber Razor Holder Shaving Knife Straight Razor with Disposable Blades with 10 Dorco Blades

$14.99 (as of February 23, 2018, 5:51 pm) & FREE Shipping. Details $11.99

2 Zeepk Straight Razor Changeable Blades Professional Quality
FREE 10 Dorco Double Blades Push In
How to load the Razor into the holder 1: Slide Out the Razor Holder from your Zeepk Barber razor 2: Take out a blade from the Dorco Pack and Keep it inside the paper wrap. 3: Break in half the blade like shown in the picture. 4: insert it in between the space that you see on the holder. 5: Secure the blade into the holder, so it won’t fall out 5: Slide It back the holder to the razor. 5: Check if the blade is aligned with your Zeepk Razor holder. 6: Your Zeepk Razor is ready to use

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