Professional Barber Clippers was established to provide information and products to those people already in the Barbering World or those looking to be in it! 

The Love and Passion that I have for Barbering is enormous.  At a young age, I began to cut my own hair.  I loved how challenging and how rewarding it was each time that I would attempt to cut my hair.  Believe me when I say that it wasn’t all fun and games.  I would get pretty upset when I was not able to get my haircut as they were in the magazines or on T.V.  One thing that I was certain of was that with practice, came perfection.  I just didn’t know how long the practice would be for.

I kept my curiosity on full throttle and let it guide me through each haircut that I performed on myself. They began to get much better.  With each style of haircut that I decided to try, I was able to learn a lot of new things that I would acquire and hold on to as I started to become a barber later in life.  As the years went by I started cutting my little brother’s hair.  With out expecting it, I came into a new challenge with my skills up to that point.  It was much different than cutting my own hair.  I was now face to face with someone else’s haircut, movements while in the chair, and out communication. I was mind blown but it felt great to step up to another level on the ladder towards my Barbering Career.

As I started to get better and better, with time and practice, I began to look for more products.  I have tried lots of different products and clippers that I find something great and something not-so-good in most.  It is the name of the game in our world.  New products and new procedures are what this industry is all about.  You must be willing to try and learn with your tools and products because those products you use will shape you as a Barber without even knowing it.  I may like a certain clipper that another barber may not.  It all depends on your style of work and the way you like your clippers and products to work.

I put together a place where you can find starter clippers and kits, for those who are barely starting their journey into the Barbering World.  I also, put together this place for those who are already in the Barbering Industry and are looking for new and more products and clippers to satisfy their barbering needs and growth as a Professional Barber.  I have many different products that I have used, and also that i have not used here in this one place.  If anyone has any new clippers, trimmers and/or products they would like to see on here, follow my Blog and comment in the comment section and I will do what I can to figure out answers to your questions.